Loudon County Workforce

Loudon County is actively filling the talent pipeline to create tomorrow’s workforce

Talent Development & Acquisition

The Loudon County Economic Development Agency has initiated the following talent pipeline efforts and programs:

  • National Manufacturing Day – Industry Tours for local students and educators
  • Education and Workforce Meetings – collaborating on needs within the skills gap
  • Educators in the Workplace - Local Educators tour existing industries and are educated on the opportunities available for their students.  They can then implement what they learn into the classroom.
  • Local Industry Summit – Education and Industry Networking
  • Local Industry Shop Talk – Networking for Industry leaders
  • Job Fair – Quarterly service provided to Loudon County businesses and industries that are hiring
  • Industry Expo – creating student, parent, and teacher awareness in regards to opportunities offered in the manufacturing sector
  • Young Talent Strategy Session – local leaders discussion on ways in which we can attract, retain and re-attract local young talent and skills
  • Young Professionals of Loudon County – economic and community development initiative to attract, engage, and connect emerging leaders and young professionals in Loudon County (ages 21-40) 

Regional Training and Consulting Services 

Loudon County EDA meets regularly with our local secondary and local/regional post-secondary educational systems.  A full list of Training and Consulting Services offered at the region’s Post-secondary level can be found here. 


Download the East Tennessee Economic Development Agency regional laborshed map

Knoxville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

  • Anderson County
  • Blount County
  • Campbell County
  • Grainger County
  • Knox County
  • Loudon County
  • Morgan County
  • Roane County
  • Union County

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Salary Surveys with Mean, Entry Level, and Experienced salaries in our area for your industry’s specific SOC codes are available upon request.

Download an example Salary Survey